There are also numerous badges to be studied for on many subjects, which are great fun to collect and give candidates a depth of knowledge as well.

If you are interested in training for a test please call Joy Burgoyne on 01234 855342 or 07702 459693.  Joy will be more than happy to discuss this with you and arrange training to suit.  

Please contact Joy if you are interested in:

  • Taking a badge

  • Training for a test

  • Riding and road safety

  • Taking part in the area quiz teams

If you are new or unsure as to what is involved in the tests or badges, or just want more information then please feel free to just ring and ask.

It may sound daunting taking tests, but they start from the basics and progress with you, hopefully helping you and your pony to work better together, improving and enjoying yourselves on the way.

Achievement badges at the Green Barn

Check the upcoming events page for all activities that are happening at the Green Barn in Wootton.

Pony club efficiency tests are awarded with a certificate and a felt to be worn behind your pony club badge. 

E Test - For younger members

D Test - Yellow felt

D+ Test - White felt

C Test - Green felt 

C+ Test - Pink felt

B Test - Full red felt

Lungeing Test - Must have passed B Test or B Stable Management to take  

The Coaching Certificate - Candidates must attend a coaching course, cpd, first aid and child protection course. This enables a person to teach within the pony club to C riding and C+ Stable Management.

B+ Test

AH Test - Highest stable management award

A Test - Highest award