We are keen to encourage and support our members to enter competitions in all disciplines, giving every member the opportunity to take part   


Please check your tack regularly for stitching that has become frayed etc and ensure your stirrup irons are the correct width. There should be a half inch gap either side of your boot ,a rough guide is that you should be able to fit a finger both sides between boot and stirrup iron. this is so your foot doesn't become trapped if you were to have a fall. Re-check every time you have new boots or change stirrups please.


Please check your hat is tagged each year. To get your hat tagged, please see Sylvi or Jo. 


If you need a spur card please let Sylvi or Jo know. Spur Cards will only be issued if the rider has a secure lower leg, as spurs can do an awful lot of damage.                   


Team selection will not be on ability only.  Previous competition history, team spirit and commitment will all be considered! It is important that all competitors and parents are committed to the team and must always endeavour to attend rallies and team training where possible. Preference will be given to those members who do attend training.