Dress code for Rallies & etiquette

Riding Hat – Please make sure it is PC tagged, see Sylvi or Jo   - EN1384 will be withdrawn after 31.12.15 - any riding hat or skull cap with PAS015 / a kyte mark / SNELL are still valid, please see the Health & Safety rule book or the Pony Club official website for more details before buying a new hat.


Gloves – Black brown navy or white

White Shirt or Beds South PC polo shirt

Beds South Sweatshirt

Beige or coloured Jodhpurs

Brown or Black Jodhpur boots, chaps or gaiters, smooth soles or long riding boots.

Body protector – compulsary for cross country

Spurs – only with DC’s permission, if you don’t hold your B test you will need written proof of permission. Spurs must be blunt, curved spurs must point downwards, only spurs no longer than 3cms are permitted.

Nose nets – please ask your vet for a letter to say your pony needs to be ridden in one.  PC competitions will not be allowed without letter from vet.

If competing in PC competitions see website for Pony Club Dress code.

No Jewellery may be worn

Any prize giving to be accepted in correct dress code

Ring etiquette and plain good manners

Pass left hand to left hand in collecting ring or school

Do not block walk ways or entrances

Slower paces should use inside track

Do not hog or ride in front of practice fences

Jump fences with red flag on right white on the left, remember ‘red on the right don’t cause a fright’

Please thank collecting ring organisers and stewards on leaving the ring/show

Be patient and ready on time

Remember - Turn out Rosettes will be given out at some rallies, so clean jods and bits, plus clean up your horses droppings before leaving.  Thank you