Congratulations to all who took part in the Horse and Pony Care competition that was held at Thurleigh on Sunday 1st April 2012.  

We entered two Junior teams.  Katie Spaughton, Lizzie Wilson and Erin Warke worked together as a team.  Emma Taylor, Hannah Rendel and Sammy Taylor also worked as a team.  Emma, Hannah and Sammy's team were placed 5th!

We also entered two Senior teams.  Imogen Moulds, Esther Harris-Hines and Vicky Moulds worked together as a team.  Laurene Darvall, Shannon Ward and Shannon McHugh also worked as a team.  Laurene, Shannon Ward and Shannon McHugh's team were placed 6th!

Well done to all that took part and a really BIG thank you to Rachel Burgoyne who ran the pre-competition training sessions at the Green Barn in preparation for the big day.

Below, our junior teams with Rachel at the Backnoe End Riding School in Thurleigh